What is the appropriate way to cut hair for people? the one gents salon

What is the appropriate way to cut hair for people? the one gents salon

What is the appropriate method of hair cutting for women? the one salon


Does your hairstyle really suit you? In order to check the appropriateness of the haircut method, experts at the one salon in Al Barsha Heights advise that many criteria must be taken into accounts such as facial structure, body structure, dress, skin color, workplace, and even your favorite music style. This is how the haircut style fits today.


To reach the level of an artist in a particular creative field, the right tools must be obtained and updated in addition to the innate skills, i.e. a hairdresser who begins to carry out his work and does hair cutting only according to his feeling and creativity, he often makes mistakes, and if he does not make mistakes, his ability to repeat the same story once again damaged. One of the most important tools a hairdresser has is the ability to diagnose.


Before a hairdresser starts styling and cutting hair, he must get several answers that make up a complete and complete picture. He must know exactly the stages of work, the final length of the story, the angles he will use, how the color and haircut will come together and how everything will fit into a suitable TOTAL LOOK that enhances the appearance of a woman. Therefore, a hairdresser must learn to distinguish clear premises according to which decisions can be made.


The structure of the face, the structure of the body, the way of dressing, the nature and color of the skin, all must be taken into account. He must also use additional points to help him determine the way to cut hair. For example, sometimes the style of music that a woman listens to helps, her field of work is very important, if she is a lawyer for example, then the hairdresser must conclude that she should be neat and elegant while working, but if her lifestyle is noisy and she likes to look fashionable outside The business has to take that into account.


After the hairstylist diagnoses all the above data, he receives more than 80% of the answer to which story he should reach. If he avoids mistakes, he is very likely to succeed!


In the event of a round face, full cheeks, and a small chin, the experts at the one salon in Al Barsha Heights recommend a less intense and longer haircut. This can be done with long, smooth hair that reaches below the chin. Haircuts that insert and puff up the hair at the top of the head are an unsuccessful option. A long face can be “shortened” by a suitable cut such as “Carré”. Also, the “horse” story is an excellent option for this case. The “difference in the middle”, for example, lengthens the face, so it is not recommended.


There are other face shapes such as a square face that we want to enhance, or a heart-shaped face that we should avoid getting bigger. The optimum face building is the “oval shape”, as many different styling and hair cut methods can be performed for this building.


In addition to the shape of the face, the hairdresser has to take into account the structure of the body, such as the long neck, round and plump body, and so on. To each of these is given weight. For example, in the case of a long neck, the hairdresser has to decide whether he wants to reveal it or hide it with a haircut. There are cases where the neck is beautiful and we really want to reveal it.


Also, skin color is very important for determining the colors we decide to make in the story. Personally, I tend to choose the natural skin color and not stay away from it, i.e. choose colors that are similar to it, the color of your skin is part of your personality.


The hairdresser must also look carefully and distinguish the manner of dress, make-up, and dress of the woman. He must understand whether her appearance is classic, modern, simple or complex, this will help him in choosing the general direction of the haircut and the TOTAL LOOK.


As we mentioned, the style of music, hobbies, lifestyle, all these can and should help in making decisions about the way to choose hairdressing and haircut. An outstanding hairstylist is one who gets to the point of starting a haircut and knows exactly what he intends to do, and is able to see and make the client understand the final look.


The primary stage in which the creativity of hairdressers is reflected is the final stage. This stage provides an opportunity for the creative expression and ingenuity of each hairstylist and is what distinguishes hairdressers from one another.

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