Summer hair care: the most important facts. the one salon

Summer hair care: the most important facts. the one gents salon

Summer hair care. the one salon


Experts at the one salon in Al Barsha Heights always advise to follow some tips for summer hair care, and in the following, we will explain the most important and most prominent of these problems and their solutions for summer hair care:


Sunburn for hair. the one salon


So far, the sun is the hair’s number one enemy in the summer, as the sun dehydrates our hair. If it is dyed, the problem will be more serious, because dyed hair loses its natural protective substances, and therefore the sun affects its look and feel. In order to reduce this problem, experts at the one salon in Al Barsha Heights are advised to follow the following steps:


Use the conditioner without washing the hair: If you do not use it too much, it will contribute to hair styling in the summer and also add volume to the roots of the hair.


Use of hair care products: You can use products designed that contain a high percentage of sun protection materials for your hair, such as hair sprays and hair creams.


Adopt a hat: a hat can be fashionable and elegant, thus preserving your hair and getting a modern look at the same time.


green hair. the one salon


Chlorine is one of the hair’s biggest enemies, so if the water in the pool you’re swimming in isn’t properly chemically balanced, minerals can. Like copper in water sticking to your hair. Even in this case, dyed hair is more prone to trouble, especially blonde-colored hair. In order to reduce this problem, follow these summer hair care steps:


Washing hair: Make sure to wash your hair before entering the pool or the sea. Paint the hair with sunscreen.


Using a moisturizing cream: You can apply a moisturizing cream or an oily hair cream to your hair. You can also use hair products with a pH level of 3.5. The purpose of using these products is to create a barrier between your hair and the substances in the water that give it a green color.


Rinse the hair: Immediately after getting out of the water, it is preferable to rinse the hair with water and wash it with shampoo as soon as you get home.


Use of chemicals. the one salon


Hair straightening techniques, anti-frizz products, hair straighteners, and hair dyes can all damage and weaken hair. The combination of sunlight and chemicals exacerbates the problem. Even chemicals designed to prevent curls with less moisture in the summer can weaken hair Somewhat.


Hair care in the summer! the one salon


Excessive combing. the one salon


Any act of combing with the brush or drying the hair can weaken the hair, especially when brushing the hair when it is wet. Because wet hair is more weak, brittle, and more sensitive to damage, a wide-tooth comb is recommended.


If you are using a hair dryer, it is recommended that you use it less, and if you do, you should run it at a low temperature. Before drying the hair with a dryer, it is recommended to apply a hair conditioner to the hair without rinsing. If your hair is fluffy, it is preferable to avoid using a hair dryer and use other methods.


Use food products on the hair. the one salon


There are people who insist on putting food products on their hair, such as lemon juice, malt, olive oil, and eggs. And mayonnaise in the hope of healthy hair. However, as part of summer hair care tips, experts recommend using products designed for hair only, that is, those that have been scientifically tested for effectiveness, especially high-quality nutrition masks that rely in their composition on moisture and not oils.


It is preferable to use the mask instead of using a hair conditioner because the mask contains more emollient and nourishing substances, and the mask protects the hair from sun damage, the environment, water, and weather, and helps soften it and prevent split ends and repairs dry or damaged hair.


split ends of hair. the one salon


Summer is a good period to cut hair or cut the edges of hair frequently, so it is recommended to cut the ends of the hair and certainly if it is split, in order to improve the vitality of the hair and give it a healthy appearance, and it is recommended to avoid collecting and pulling the hair to prevent weakening and breakage of the hair.


If you want to collect hair, it is better to do it with a pin and not with a rubber band. It is also recommended to oil the hair well or argan oil, which nourishes the hair.


Sweat accumulated on the scalp. the one salon


In the summer, it is recommended as part of the hair care tips to wash the hair every day with the appropriate shampoo for daily use. Because sweat builds up on the scalp as well as grease and dirt, washing hair helps get rid of loose hair and encourages hair regeneration.


It is recommended to start washing the hair with warm or hot water to open the pores of the scalp and finish with cold water to close them. It is important that the shampoo is distributed over the hair and scalp.


Prevention of hair problems. the one salon


It is possible to reduce hair problems by following the following important tips:


  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Use of certain nutritional supplements.
  • Washing hair properly.

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