Hair Wash and Cut: AED 65
Blow Dry:   AED 55
Junior Haircut:AED 45
Head Shaving:AED 55
Beard Shaving:AED 35
Bread Trimming:AED 40
Hair Style:AED 40
Hair Straightening:AED 255+
Hair Light + Cut:AED 255+
Hair full Color + Cut:AED 185+
Keratin Treatment:AED 500+
Beard Coloring:AED 55
Hot Oil Treatment:AED 80
Facial Treatment:AED 170+


Hairstyle and Shave
Top quality hair grooming, styling, coloring and cutting services in Dubai.


Smooth Skin and Shiny Look
Look younger and shiny with our exclusive quality waxing and threading services for men.


Nose / Face / Ear / Eyebrow:  AED 25


Manicure: AED 55
Pedicure:   AED 65


Perfect Nails for Men
Super neat and clean Nails with our high quality Manicure and Pedicure Services for Men.


Any Confusion, please check our frequently asked questions.

1. Can I book your service online?

Yes. You can even call or WhatsApp us for your appointment.

2. What if I need to re-schedule?

Please let us know at least 30 minutes in advance by phone or WhatsApp, we will love to help.

3. Do you accept Credit Card?

Yes, only online or we can share a payment link to confirm your booking. Also please note there is a 5% additional cost involved as administrative and financial charges.

4. What is usual waiting time?

In case you don't have a prior booking or appointment, your tern can be immediate or maximum a 30 minutes wait, based on time and day of visit and service requested.
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