Long hair secrets. the one gent's salon

Long hair secrets. the one gent’s salon

Long hair is a dream of many women, but how do you keep long hair looking good and beautiful? Here are the most prominent secrets of long hair in the article.


  • Long hair secrets: get to know them. the one gent’s salon


Let’s get acquainted with the following list of the secrets of long hair in addition to the most prominent tips to take care of it:


  • Long hair secrets. the one gent’s salon


There are a set of secrets and simple steps to maintain long, healthy, and beautiful hair, the most prominent of which are the following:


  • Cutting hair frequently is beneficial. the one gent’s salon


The ends of long hair are subjected to drying and styling many times, which can cause them to become dry and break quickly, so it is recommended to cut about half a centimeter of hair every two months.


And since the hair grows at a faster rate than that, the hair will not lose its length. If the hair ends are cut too long, the split ends may increase, which will lead to a longer haircut the next time.


  • Collecting hair in the form of a bun negatively affects the hair. the one gent’s salon


One of the secrets of long hair is that collecting hair at a point near the neck in the form of a ball (a bun) may negatively affect the hair and increase its breakage. This is in the case of tension during the work of this hairstyle.


But in the event that the lap followed does not tend to tighten, there are no consequences from that.


  • Applying the cream to long hair is important. the one gent’s salon


Long hair is heavy hair, and without applying a substance that gives it volume, the hair roots bend, so it is recommended after each hair wash to massage it with a little cream to give volume inside the wet hair roots to raise the hair a little without turning the hair texture into a fragile and weak texture.


  • The effect of sleeping blankets on long hair may be negative. the one gent’s salon


One of the surprising secrets of long hair is that the type of blanket affects it. Smooth blankets produce less friction than regular cotton blankets, and hair is less likely to break or tangle while you sleep.


Another option to avoid the effects of the blanket on the hair is to collect the hair in the form of a loose ball on the top of the head and gently tie it with a delicate scarf before bed.


  • Excessive hairstyling hurts. the one gent’s salon


There is no need to put a lot of effort into making long hair look good, in fact, hair can only be dried with a hairdryer, as long as the edges of the hair are kept moist with a spray that gives a smooth and wavy texture.


  • Eating valuable foods is good for hair. the one gent’s salon


Eating foods rich in nutrients is very important for maintaining the health of long and short hair. Hair loss and fading often occur due to a lack of nutrients. Such as vitamin E, folic acid, biotin, and vitamin C.


  • Important tips to take care of long hair. the one gent’s salon


After learning about the most prominent secrets of long hair, let’s get to know a group of important tips that benefit long hair:


  • Take nutritional supplements. the one gent’s salon


There are nutritional supplements that encourage hair growth, such as biotin, which belongs to the B group of vitamins, as biotin pills provide the following benefits for hair:


  1. It contributes to giving the hair a more flowing and sensual appearance.
  2. Increases hair follicle length.
  3. Makes hair grow faster.
  4. Stimulates cells that encourage hair growth.


  • Scalp care. the one gent’s salon


Medicated scalp treatments can be irritating, but massage serums or shampoos formulated for them that contain essential oils, such as avocado or coconut oil, are excellent for massaging the roots of long hair several times a week.


The period of massaging the scalp should not be less than a minute or two, as this stimulates blood flow in the head and helps absorb oils.


  • Dye long hair. the one gent’s salon


Long hair without color looks like a lump and creates a very heavy look, and this can be considered a tip or a secret to long hair.


If the hair is long, the ends of the hair ought to be lighter, because the colors provide a natural look to the hair.


The best way to cut long hair. the one gent’s salon


If the hair is very long, it is recommended to ask the hairdresser to cut the hair with a layered cut, and the most attractive look for long hair is a soft V-shape hanging on the back.


Hair cut according to the shape of the face can be done as follows:


For a round face: the cut of degrees that beautifully covers the face should be performed in the area of the cheekbones.

For those with square jaw faces: Layers should start from the chin area.

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