Hair Loss. the one gent salon

Hair Loss. the one gent salon

Anyone who notices their hair is falling out is afraid, Or whoever notices the presence of a large amount of hair on the comb or hairbrush, it is preferable to go immediately to a dermatologist.


Natural hair growth. the one gent salon


About 90% of the hair grows all the time and the period required for hair growth may range between two to six years, while the remaining 10% of the hair is within the in the meantime within the resting part for an amount that will extend from 2 to 3 months, then this hair falls out with the tip of the period Comforts.


When hair falls out, new hair grows from the hair follicles to begin a brand new growth cycle from the start. Hair grows on the head between 10-15 mm every month. However, as someone gets older, the pace of hair growth begins to curtail.


Mostly, the development of hair loss may be a result of the natural growth cycle of hair. Losing at a rate of 50-100 hairs per day is incredibly traditional.


Causes and risk factors for hair loss. the one gent salon


Hair loss could also be caused at a high rate by an oversized range of reasons. In some cases, new hair grows in the place of the hair that has fallen out. In different cases, the development of hair loss is often with success treated by aiming to a specialist.


As for other cases for which no treatment is available to date, much and continuous research is being conducted on them, and it seems at first glance that it is possible to be optimistic concerning the long run and what it holds, in any case, its value rebuke the treating doctor concerning best} and most effective hair loss treatment prospects for the case.


The main causes of hair loss are as follows:


  1. Using harmful chemicals. the one gent salon


There are many women and men who use expensive chemically manufactured hair care products, including:


  • Hair dyes.
  • Color-lightening agents.
  • Hair straightening materials.
  • Different materials are used for creasing.


If these products are used according to the instructions, the possibility of harming the hair is very little, but if these products are used frequently, it is possible for the hair to weaken and tend to breakage.


If the employment of those products results in hair weakness and crispiness, it’s counseled to prevent victimization till the hair regenerates and recovers and also the broken hairs disappear.


  1. Hair thinning and hereditary alopecia. the one gent salon


This development is understood by its scientific name androgenous alopecia/calvities, which is the commonest explanation for hair loss because it is genetically transmitted from the mother or the daddy.

Women who are suffering from this development typically have flash and small hair, however, they are doing not become utterly bald. It is possible that this phenomenon begins to appear in the second, third, and even fourth decade of life.


  1. Alopecia areata. the one gent salon


It is not celebrated what causes the development of partial hair loss, called alopecia, however, the prevailing belief is that it’s associated with issues poignant the immune system, We do not rule out that this phenomenon occurs in children or adults at some stage of life.


Usually, people who suffer from it are generally healthy, but the injury is characterized by the development of small, round bald areas, each about the diameter of a coin or slightly larger.


Although alopecia could be a terribly rare development, it will cause the loss of all hair on the whole head and body and in most cases, the hair grows back, but treatment by a dermatologist can speed up the process of regenerative hair growth.


  1. Telogen effluvium (Telogen Effluvium). the one gent salon


illness, stress, psychological stress, and alternative factors could lead an outsized quantity of hair to enter the alleged terminal part, that is that the resting innovates the activity of the follicle cells as a part of the natural cycle of hair growth, which leads to high and accelerated hair loss without This often results in completely bald spots.


In most cases, this kind of hair loss stops mechanically once many months. Among the factors that cause chronic hair loss are:


  • High temperature.
  • Acute and severe infection and acute influenza.
  • Complicated surgery or chronic illness.
  • Thyroid diseases.
  • Low-protein nutrition.
  • Iron deficiency in the blood.
  • Take some medications.
  • Take birth control pills.
  • Treatments for cancer.


  1. Tinea capitis. the one gent salon


Tinea capitis is caused by a fungal infection caused by a skin fungus and is characterized by the appearance of patches covered with dandruff on the scalp. These spots get bigger. It expands, spreads, and causes hair breakage, reddening of the skin, swelling, and sometimes even fluid secretion from the scalp.


This unwellness is incredibly contagious and is incredibly common in kids and it is often treated with medication.


  1. Trichotillomania. the one gent salon


This disease is characterized. The patient wraps, bends, tightens, and removes the hair, whether it is head hair, eyebrow hair, or eyelashes hair.


In some cases, this development isn’t solely a foul habit, however, disappears when getting a skilled recommendation and proof of the harm and aspect effects which will be caused by hair actuation, but the phenomenon of hair pulling may be in other cases. An emotional reaction to stress or psychological pressure, and sometimes it may be a serious and severe psychological disorder.


  1. Cicatricial alopecia. the one gent salon


Cicatricial baldness is one of the terribly rare phenomena that cause the looks of bald patches in the course of skin sensation and pain, and also the formation of inflammation around the hair follicles that harm them and cause the looks of scars and hair loss rather than growth.


The issue that causes cicatricial baldness isn’t famed, however, treatment is to prevent the infection from spreading to alternative components and locations of the scalp.


Complications of hair loss. the one gent salon


In all sorts of surgeries, there are forever sure risks that will be a part of this method, however, the complications once treatments for hair restoration and restoration are terribly rare. When acting on a hair restoration procedure, the person undergoing treatment ought to expect the following:


  1. Limited daily activities after the operation. the one gent salon


The possibility of him returning to his daily routine activities whereas refraining from doing nice work up or sports activities till the doctor permits him to try and do thus.


  1. Other complications. the one gent salon


Mild side effects may include the following:


Swelling and bruising around the eyes for two to three days, and these nasty side effects can be reduced by using some ice packs and sleeping in a half-sitting position.


The patient loses sensation within the space from that the transplanted hair was taken or within the space wherever it absolutely was transplanted, however, this loss of sensation typically disappears at intervals of an amount, of 3 months.


hair loss diagnosis. the one gent salon


A correct diagnosis will help the majority of hair loss sufferers. hind hair loss and hairlessness, then grasp if this development can disappear on its own or if there’s a desire to allow the patient drug treatment.


hair loss treatment. the one gent salon


The type of operation that should be performed to restore hair is determined according to the extent and form of baldness, and a dermatologist can recommend one of the types of surgeries elaborate below so as to get the simplest potential result. Hair loss treatments vary, and the foremost necessary of that are the following:


  1. Hair restoration surgery. the one gent salon


Doctors and surgeons specializing in dermatology perform several types of surgeries aimed at restoring and restoring hair, restoring the places from which it’s fallen out, additionally to giving the hair as natural a glance as doable.


As for the people who are most candidates for such surgeries and the ones who need it most, they are the ones whose baldness is clearly visible, who have very thin hair, and whose hair is falling out as a result of an injury to the scalp, or as a result of burns.


  1. Hair Transplantation. the one gent salon


Hair transplantation depends on the principle of the prevailing donation, that is, taking hair from a healthy place and transplanting it during the surgery to grow again in the bald place. Hair transplantation requires the following things:


Extracting streaks from the skin of the scalp. the one gent salon


A sample is taken from the back and sides of the scalp where these places are called donor areas because they contain hair that continues to grow for life.

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