Benefits of not washing hair daily. the one gent's salon

Benefits of not washing hair daily. the one gent’s salon

It is usually advised not to wash hair on a daily basis, here are a set of benefits of not washing hair daily that will occur if you do so:


Benefits of not washing hair daily the one gent’s salon


Hair stylists and experts at the one gent’s salon in Al Barsha Heights usually advise against washing hair and using shampoo on a daily basis to maintain the health of the hair and its natural oils and to wash it at least every 2-3 days.


The experts at the one gent’s salon in Al Barsha Heights offer you a range of benefits of not washing your hair daily as follows:


  • Benefits of not washing hair daily. the one gent’s salon


You may be one of the people who wash their hair daily, so let us introduce you to the most prominent benefits of not washing hair daily in the following:


  • Protect hair from drying out. the one gent’s salon


The scalp produces and secretes natural oils that help moisturize and protect the hair, but daily washing removes these oils, making your hair less hydrated and more prone to damage and dryness.


  • Hair appears shinier. the one gent’s salon


By preserving the scalp’s natural oils, your hair will be shinier and healthier-looking.


The specialists at the one gent’s salon located in Al Barsha Heights recommend using a flat, bristle brush to distribute the oils from the root to the ends, which increases the shine of the hair and gives an opportunity to renew the secretion of oils.


  • Hair styling is made easier. the one gent’s salon


Dry hair is usually more difficult to style, style, and comb, if the hair is not washed daily and the hair is kept hydrated, then it will definitely be easier to style.


As for curly hair, it tends to be drier. Because it is difficult for the oil secretions from the scalp to reach more than the middle of the hair, one of the benefits of not washing the hair daily is that it allows the hair to be nourished, and will make the process of curling easier and more silky.


On the second day of the shower, we advise you to massage the scalp with your fingers to help the oils move through the hair, and then comb the hair to the ends.


  • Maintain hair color. the one gent’s salon


Using shampoo to wash hair on a daily basis accelerates the fading of hair color and causes a decrease in its luster, and not only shampoo is responsible for this fading but also high-temperature tap water.


In the case of dyed hair, the less you wash your hair, the more it will maintain its color and vitality.


For colored or dyed hair, in particular, it is recommended when showering to use a sulfate-free shampoo formula specially designed for dyed hair, and the water temperature should be lukewarm and not hot.


  • Protection from dirt. the one gent’s salon


It’s true that shampoo removes dirt from hair, cleans it, and gives it a distinct, fresh scent, but also, overuse of brushing can make your hair more susceptible to ingrown absorbing dirt, as scalp oils protect the follicles and definitely promote healthy hair.


After the second or third day of not washing your hair, we may advise you to use products that absorb any excess oil produced by the scalp.


On the last day before shampooing, you can style your hair in a ponytail.


Mistakes that can be made while washing hair. the one gent’s salon


After learning about the benefits of not washing hair daily, we mention in the following a set of mistakes that can be done while washing hair, as follows:


  • Using two types of different hair products at the same time, such as: using two types of shampoo at the same time, may cause adverse and unwanted results in the long run.
  • Washing hair with hot water may cause the moisture to be completely pulled from the hair and leave it dry and fly away.
  • Do not use hair masks and oils before showering, which often help in maintaining the moisture and vitality of the hair.
  • Ignore the use of hair conditioner after shampooing, as it is very important for the attractiveness and luster of the hair.

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