7 habits to keep your hair healthy. the one gent's salon

7 habits to keep your hair healthy. the one gent’s salon

Some daily habits may play a key role in hair care and maintaining the health of hair from roots to ends. Let us introduce you to the most famous of these habits:


7 habits to keep your hair healthy. the one gent’s salon


Who does not dream of beautiful, healthy, gorgeous, and attractive hair? It is known that healthy nutrition plays the primary and most important role in maintaining the health of hair, but on its own, it will not be enough to care for the hair and protect it from various damages.


Let us introduce you to the most important daily habits that help maintain and protect hair health through the following:


Daily habits help maintain healthy hair. the one gent’s salon


Here is a set of habits that help in taking care of hair and maintaining its health in the following:


1- Doing exercise regularly. the one gent’s salon


Regular physical activity is as important to maintaining healthy skin as it is to maintain healthy hair. Sports contribute to promoting and stimulating blood circulation.


Therefore, we advise you here regarding hair care as follows: the one gent’s salon


Do the exercises you love and at any time that suits you, in case you do not have enough time, 10 minutes of walking may be beneficial.


Ensure that your physical activity is combined with proper and balanced nutrition to achieve an ideal weight and healthy hair.


2- Drink enough water. the one gent’s salon


Of course, water is the basis of life, and not getting enough water to fit your daily needs may have serious damage and effects on your health, such as dehydration.


With regard to maintaining healthy hair, of course, hair needs water to grow and maintain itself, and women should drink at least 9 cups of fluids a day.


Of course, it is recommended to drink more water after exercising or in hot weather and during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


3- Avoid drinking alcohol. the one gent’s salon


If you suffer from problems with your hair, especially hair loss problems, it is advised to avoid drinking alcohol.


You should also avoid alcohol if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or of childbearing age.


4- Get enough sleep. the one gent’s salon


Getting enough hours of sleep is very important in maintaining the health of hair, as it promotes the process of enhancing the blood supply to the hair follicles and supplying them with important vitamins and minerals.


If you do not get enough hours of sleep, the blood level to the roots will decrease, This means that the amount of nutrients that supply hair follicles will be reduced, and this leads to weak hair and affects its growth and health.


5- Avoid stress and pressure. the one gent’s salon


You may notice excessive hair loss if you are sick and this may be due to your exposure to stress and stress.


It turns out that having a mental problem, such as depression and psychological stress, may cause hair loss and deterioration in health.


6- Avoid smoking. the one gent’s salon


Who among us does not realize the fact that smoking is dangerous to health in general, and of course, hair health is an integral part of that?


Even people who are exposed to secondhand smoke may be at risk of hair loss, as even if you are not a smoker, Do not sit next to someone who smokes because the presence of a smoker near you may be one of the reasons for your hair loss.


7- Maintain proper nutrition. the one gent’s salon


As we mentioned at the beginning, all the previous points if not accompanied by a correct and balanced diet rich in B vitamins, iron, zinc, and omega 3 in particular. However, hair care will not be perfect and you will not be able to maintain healthy, beautiful, and attractive hair.

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