13 Little Secret About How To Maintain Hair! the one gent's salon

13 Little Secret About How To Maintain Hair! the one gent’s salon

Stylish, shiny, healthy, lush, and beautiful hair is the dream of every one of us. But it turns out there are 13 small and simple secrets about how to keep hair beautiful with almost no effort.


13 Little Secret About How To Maintain Hair! the one gent’s salon


Summer is a challenging season to maintain healthy and beautiful hair, but with this, you should not despair.

With the help of the following tips, you can walk around with beautiful and healthy hair even in the hot season but not only:


Weak, dry, and lifeless hair by nature. He doesn’t like air conditioners at all. Air conditioning keeps hair tired and shapeless. It is recommended to nourish the hair by using drops or silicone spray before turning on the air conditioner. The silicone gives flexibility and shines to the hair, as it protects the hair from air conditioners.


Eat grains and nuts. the one gent’s salon


Experts at the one gent’s salon in Al Barsha Heights recommend eating grains, nuts, omega-3s, proteins, fish, green leaves, beans, and other vegetables that are very good for hair. It strengthens the hair fiber and gives it a healthy and beautiful look.


On the other hand, fast food diets cause enormous damage to the hair. Also, a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, such as zinc, biotin, or proteins, may lead to breakage and hair loss.


Maintain hair and its luster by using warm water. the one gent’s salon


Experts at the one gent’s salon in Al Barsha Heights recommend using warm water. The hot water cleans the scalp of the accumulated sebum and cleans it. But at the same time, these oils give shine and luster to the hair. Therefore, the middle solution here is to use warm water. Wash your hair with warm water instead of hot water and in the meantime, gently massage your scalp.


Repair split ends of the hair by eating protein. the one gent’s salon


Hairstyles, hair dye, lightening hair color, exposure to the sun, hair curling, and hair straightening, all of which may lead to hair damage and cause split ends of the hair. To maintain the ends of the hair and prevent breakage, it is recommended to use hair products that contain proteins. It penetrates to the depths of the hair and prevents split ends. As for the ends of the hair previously split, it is recommended to cut them with scissors.


Do not treat dandruff with oil. the one gent’s salon


Since the cause of dandruff is actually oily skin and not dry skin, applying oil to the scalp will only aggravate the appearance of dandruff. So, use a shampoo designed to take care of dandruff. If the dandruff is severe, you can go to the doctor in order to obtain a prescription for a medical shampoo.


Lower the temperature of the hair dryer. the one gent’s salon


When we go to buy a hair dryer, we always want to buy the most powerful and powerful hair dryer in order to dry hair quickly. But in fact, the greater the power of the hair dryer, the more strongly and quickly the hair is damaged. A hairdryer with too low a power may waste a few precious minutes in the morning, but it will lessen the damage to your hair.


How to maintain the hair? Avoid hairstyles that can harm him. the one gent’s salon


Tight ponytails and braids can cause hair to break and even pull from the scalp. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair, so it is best to avoid combing wet hair and tying it with rubber bands.


Use ammonia-free hair dye. the one gent’s salon


Experts at the one gent’s salon in Al Barsha Heights recommend dyeing hair with a mild hair dye that contains as few chemicals as possible so as not to cause damage. As we get older and with the appearance of white hair, hair dyeing becomes a more common activity which increases hair damage. It is recommended to use dye that will keep the hair healthy and healthy when we smell the fumes of these substances. If you dye your hair, you should use a shampoo designed for dyed hair.


Use hair conditioner to prevent static electricity. the one gent’s salon


Static electricity is close to moisture. Just as there are hair preparations designed to reduce the volume of hair in the wake of increased humidity in the summer, there are hair preparations designed to keep it from stretching on the sides due to static electricity.


To maintain curly hair, do not use a brush to comb. the one gent’s salon


Curly hair tends to break, so it is not recommended to comb it with a brush. Use a plastic comb to tidy up curly hair. And if you always want your hair to be smooth, you can straighten it with a hair straightener, but do not overuse it because excessive use of a straightener may cause serious damage to the hair and may even change its color.


Avoid dyeing your hair in extreme colors. the one gent’s salon


The more you change the color of your hair, the more you damage it, so it is advised not to change the hair color too often. Dermatologists recommend dyeing hair in colors similar to, not completely against, your natural hair color.


Protect your hair from the sun’s rays. the one gent’s salon


Before leaving the house in all seasons, it is recommended to use hair products that contain a high level of SPF.


Wet your hair before entering the pool or the sea. the one gent’s salon


Wet hair absorbs fewer chemicals and salts than dry hair. Therefore, before entering the water in the sea or in the swimming pool, it is recommended to moisturize the hair and then enter, or a sea hat can be used.

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